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B-Bar-H Cattle Co. is a partnership that includes Ron and Rod Buch (father and son), and Dean and Barry Holst (father and son). Dean and Ron are brother-in-laws, which makes Rod and Barry cousins. B-Bar-H comes from the first initial of each last name, unless you ask Barry and he will say it is his initials.

B-Bar-H Cattle Co. officially started on Feb. 16, 2012 at the IA Beef Expo Angus Sale. As Ron Buch admired the Champion Angus Female standing in her stall before the sale he commented to his nephew, Barry; "If I'm going to still be taking care of cows at my age, I might as well own some good ones!" Within a couple of hours B-Bar-H Cattle Co. had informally been organized. During the sale of the champion female, Ron did all the bidding. He had plenty of encouragement from his partners, even as the price escalated above their pre-set target. When the auctioneer's gavel pounded the table, B-Bar-H had purchased their first Donor Cow, CJ Ragin Rosa 35X. Ron was anxious to call his wife, Kaye, to let her know that he had bought himself an expensive  birthday present, with a little (a lot) of help. You see, Feb. 16th is Ron’s birthday.

Since 2012 B-Bar-H has added a few more donors, sold some good herd bulls and fancy heifers and expanded from just Angus to include Simmentals and SimAngus.

Ron cares for the majority of the B-Bar-H herd at his home in Benton County, Iowa, along with his own set of cows. Ron has the reputation and the connections to sell bulls off the farm, while Barry and Dean have recently started feeding and caring for the heifers that B-Bar-H consigns as fancy open heifers or bred heifers at their farm outside of Kansas City, MO.

  • Ron Buch
    Ron Buch
    Luzerne, IA
  • Rod Buch
    Rod Buch
    Marengo, IA
  • Dean Holst
    Dean Holst
    Ames, IA
  • Barry Holst
    Barry Holst
    Kansas City, MO